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Go Gaming Website Builder

First impressions count - an up-to-date and appealing landing page design is essential to welcome new players and increase the conversion rate. With a clear structure and the right metatags, you improve your ranking with the well-known search engines.

The only platform solution specifically for the German igaming market includes a website builder (CMS) with which you can design the landing page and all subpages yourself. You can drag and drop texts, graphics and interactive elements onto the page and see the result directly in the preview. Without any programming knowledge, you can fine-tune the layout and adapt it at any time.

In addition to the standard elements of a state-of-the-art website builder, you can place and configure igaming components such as Player Cockpit, Game Thumbnails and Game Index as you wish. You can add new subpages and adapt the menu structures of the website at any time.


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